FarmlifeThe Aware Breeders’ Choice

Farmlife - The Aware Breeders’ Choice

Yarrowia Farmlife is a line of specialized complementary feed mixtures made for livestock created by Skotan S.A. based on a unique Yarrowia lipolytica yeast strain.

Yarrowia Farmlife is a richness of composition, natural nutrients and their high bioactivity, which enable reaching the best breeding results. All products were developed in cooperation with breeders and animal feeding specialists and then subjected to extensive research and feeding tests.

Exotic Animals

The Aware Breeders’ Choice

Skotan S.A., owner of Yarrowia Animal brand, is first company in the world, which implemented technology of inbreeding and production of fodder yeast based on a unique Yarrowia lipolytica A-101 strain with the use of natural raw materials.

Yarrowia lipolytica A-101 strain is characterized by ability to metabolize untypical sources of carbon, organic acids production, vitamins, bioactive substances and high proteolytic and lipolytic activity.

Yarrowia Farmlife focuses on novel solutions in food and animal feeding science. Innovative and pro-ecological solutions aim to formulate the best preparations for animals on the market. Attention to proper procedures and extensive research and tests enable production of safe and verified products. Thanks to precious experience in feeding animals and constantly improving knowledge in terms of needs and problems faced by breeders, Yarrowia Farmlife aims to support their activities. Long-time plans of the company assume a comprehensive supply of breeders with modern and safe measures to counteract diseases of animals, which would become a part/basis of a healthy, effective breeding and proper animal development.

All Yarrowia Farmlife products are made in certified with GMP, HACCP production facility and where European Union’s feed law requirements are fulfilled.

Highly stable process of a natural production and restrictive quality standards, all that to raise the capabilities of our animals. Economically and permanently - Yarrowia Farmlife.